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Building Forward with Advanced Taiwanese Building Material Solutions

(25 August 2021, Kuala Lumpur) Did you know over 50% of the faucets in the world come from Taiwan? Patrick Wang, Project Manager of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) mentioned that sanitary equipment is one of the hidden gems of Taiwan. Since the 1950s, factories in Dingfan area in Changhua, Taiwan started to transform product types to valves and faucets, making Changhua known as the hub of the water and hardware industry.

Taiwan Excellence Building Materials Online Product Launch was held on 25th of August to highlight Taiwan’s most innovative building materials related companies. The event was jointly organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade, TAITRA and Plumbing Association of Taiwan.

Bill Lee, President of Building Material Distributors Association of Malaysia (BMDAM), in his speed during the event empathized on Malaysia being greatly impacted by the pandemic; in particular, the construction sector being hard hit due to restrictions on on-site work. He revealed that the value of constructure work in Malaysia registered negative growth of -14.2% in Q4 2020 but has improved slightly to -10.5% in Q1 2021 (amounting to RM 31.4 billion).

Although the industry is currently in a downturn now, Lee mentioned that building affordable housing is a long-term project in Malaysia; with 1 million affordable houses to be built over 10 years start from 2018. With that, Lee expressed his delight in being able to witness the entry of these global brands into the Malaysian market. He believes that the introduction of new technologies that will reduce costs and human-to-human contact are going to be highly sought after by the construction industry. In addition, environmentally friendly approaches, particularly in terms of energy, water and material have always been a common goal for the market and Taiwan makers have many products that answer this need.

The range of kitchen and bathroom products unveiled in this online showcase include:

  • JYE LI AN TECHNOLOGY: an expert in the development of automated bathroom products. Their 21*21 Bathroom Heating Fan keeps bathroom air fresh, reduce mildew and prevent accident from slipping on wet floor.
  • TAIWAN SAKURA: the largest manufacturer of gas water heaters, range hoods, stoves, and built-in hobs in Taiwan. Their Chimney Type Cooker Hood is fitted with a unique filtration system that prevents oil from accumulating on the motor.
  • SHENG TAI BRASSWARE: dedicated to the design of high-quality sanitary products under the JUSTIME brand. Their elegantly designed water faucets are made from lead-free copper with excellent resistant against acid, heat, and corrosion.
  • HERHER SYNERGY: a company with 26 years of experience developed MiniBle Q Microbubble Faucet Aerator that creates microbubbles that are proven highly-effective in removing dirt and grease.

Factories for building material include:

  • SHENG YUAN ELECTRIC: a forerunner in the manufacturing of silent ventilating fans and artistic ceiling fans. Under their Alaska brand, the VIVI Circulation Fan is able to be adjusted to a wide variety of different angles to effectively remove dampness and malodour.
  • FRADOX GLOBAL: committed to environmentally friendly research and development. Their Venting Master – Natural Roof Ventilation system uses an upward-opening design to cool the indoor space through natural convection.
  • WELL-LINK INDUSTRY: Taiwan’s largest manufacturer of anti-seismic and structural bearing building solutions. Their KVM Viscoelastic Damper is proven to reduce the effect of wind and seismic impact to increase the structural safety of buildings.
  • CHING YUANG ENTERPRISE: a specialist in manufacturing industrial fans and high-powered LED lightings. With patented balloon cover, their LED Balloon Light Tower provides glare-free lighting and extends LED life through effective heat dissipation.

Over a hundred building-related Malaysian businesses were participated in the event, including building material importers, interior designers, real estate developers, distributors, traders, etc.

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