Acoustic Plaster Ceiling

Acoustic Plaster Ceiling Board Applications 

Acoustic ceiling board offers users a giant improvement in speech privacy and reduction in noise intrusion and are ideally suited for use in schools, office buildings, medical exam rooms, conference rooms and other public locations where noise is a problem.

Characteristics of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Typical construction and design characteristics of acoustic ceiling tiles include additional mass compared to generic plaster tiles. The result is a composite material with a damping layer in addition to the gypsum board. Acoustics plaster ceiling tiles come in a range of sizes, thicknesses and design configurations that will adapt to all architectural requirements.

Installation Considerations

When installing acoustic plaster ceilings, it is important to make sure there are no noise leaks around air vents or lighting fixtures. Additionally, the suspension system used to hold the ceiling in place needs to be designed for the denser and heavier acoustic plaster panels.

Product and Service Support 

Acoustic plaster ceilings are a novel and creative solution to building projects where noise reduction and sound deadening are an important requirement. Finding a vendor or supplier that can offer a high quality product at a reasonable cost is important, but finding the supplier that can consult and offer informed tips and instructions on installation and design of acoustic plaster ceilings is just as important.