Exterior Paint

Choosing the Right Exterior Paint

Exterior Paint

Professional painters know that one of the key components of a successful paint job starts with making the right choice of paint. The right paint choice can enhance the attractiveness of the finished product as well as extending the life of the surface by several years. The right exterior paint goes on easier, lasts longer and looks better but with so many choices on the market today, deciding which outdoor paint to use for a specific job requires a little research and planning.

Understanding What you are Painting is the First Step

Before you head for the paint store, be prepared to describe the type of surface(s) you are going to be painting. Has the surface been painted before or are you going to be covering new or virgin surface? Is that surface wood, concrete, metal or some other material? You may also want to consider the environment that surface will be exposed to after it is painted – will it require frequent cleaning, are there imperfections in the surface, etc. Weather can play a key role in determining your choice of exterior paint.


Choosing the quality of an Exterior Paint

When choosing an outdoor paint, the more expensive and higher quality paint products can actually lower the overall cost of a paint project. The endurance of the painted surface, the number of coats it takes to cover, and the ease of application are generally much better with top of the line exterior paints. They will cost more initially, but offer a greater value in customer satisfaction as well as your long term reputation as a painting professional.

Oil vs. Water Based Exterior Paint

There are a few key things to keep in mind when choosing between these two basic formulations but in general, water based paints are the default type for exterior paint They create a flexible surface that can expand and contract with the surface of the house or building so they are less likely to peel or crack over time. Water based paints also dry faster. Conversely, oil based paints do provide a stronger adhesion to the surface being painted and are more rust resistant. If you are painting a steel or metal surface, oil based products might be a better solution.