Heat Shield Paint

In Malaysia and other tropical countries such as Thailand, Northern Australia, and the Philippine Islands, the sun is a powerful source of energy and heat. While this is an advantage where high levels of sunlight and heat are a benefit, such as in agriculture, shielding people from the hot sun is an ongoing challenge in most countries located along the equator. Modern home and building construction methods that include the application of heat shield paint are an increasingly popular method of reducing air conditioning costs and providing a cooler environment. 

Benefits of Heat Shield Paint

Heat shield paint is typically applied to the exterior of roofs as well as facades and on ductwork that is exposed to sunlight. Heat shield paint can also provide protection from fire as part of a fire prevention strategy within homes and commercial buildings.

Briefly, here are a few of the advantages to discuss with your contractor when considering heat shield paint applications on your building project:

  • Paint additives that can improve the heat shielding capabilities of exterior paint have improved dramatically since their introduction in the late 80’s.
  • While a good heat shield paint will not replace the need for insulation, it will complement and improve the temperature management capabilities of your roof or vertical exterior walls.
  • Heat shield paints are easy to apply as they are usually sprayed on surfaces that will be exposed to harsh sunlight.
  • Heat shield paint will reduce the amount of heat gain of a surface exposed to direct sunlight by about 20% while the surface is exposed to direct sunlight.
  • The more dramatic or extreme are the temperature swings as the sun travels through the sky, the more beneficial will be the addition of a good quality heat shield paint to the exterior surfaces of a building. Since they are most effective during the hottest part of the day and since this is when energy demands and peak load rates apply, the benefits of heat shield paints will result in significant savings.
  • The cost of applying heat shield paint to a roof is a one-time expense that will last for several years, meaning the savings in energy costs and benefits of a cooler daytime environment are ongoing with little or no maintenance or operating costs.