Home Solar Panel Systems

Types of Home Solar Panel Systems

Rooftop solar panel systems are the most popular applications for home solar panel systems for several reasons. The main reasons are that a roof mounted system gets the panels out of the way, doesn’t take up any useable space and is typically the location where you will get maximum energy production as long as your roof isn’t shaded. A roof mounted solar panel system can withstand environmental extremes when installed properly on either sloped or flat roofs. Heating systems that can be leveraged to heat your water as well as the swimming pool are possible when using Home solar panel systems. If you already have an electric water heater, the electrical energy generated by the solar panels can be used to heat your hot water during the day when the sun is out and it can be stored until needed in the evening. Ground Solar Systems are often preferred over a rooftop application when more energy generating capacity is required than can be supplied by rootop panels alone. If the homeowner has sufficient access to ground space, this approach can even be integrated with a carport design or other raised structures.

Home solar panel systems in Malaysia are usually one of these two types:

  • Grid-tied PV Systems are the cheaper of the two options and are also the most popular for residential installations. These systems work well with the Feed and Tariff program administered by the SEDA Malaysia. This allows homeowners to enjoy a rebate or payment if they are generating more energy than they are using.
  • A Stand-alone PV System is an alternative for people whose homes may not have access to the power grid and need a stand-alone system. These generally cost more than the grid tied system but offer access to electricity where no grid is available or too expensive to access.