Interlocking Bricks

Interlocking bricks are bricks that have been designed to fit into each other. Each brick has a protrusion at one end and a depression at the other end which enables them to fit perfectly like jigsaw puzzles. Each brick is designed to have vertical holes which means, not only saving on the amount of materials used in its production but also allowing metal rods to be inserted or cement to be filled in to increase its structural strength during construction.

There are two main types of interlocking bricks named after the material used in its manufacture. The soil to cement ratio of the soil cement interlocking bricks is in the range of 1:6 to 1:10. The ratio of cement to sand to gravel of the concrete interlocking bricks is 1:5:3.

Today, the interlocking brick system is internationally recognised for its role in the construction industry. Interlocking bricks system may have the answers to some construction issues using conventional materials.

Interlocking Bricks Advantages are as follows:

● Efficient and Shorter Project Completion Time

Unlike the conventional method of using mortar and cement in construction, the interlocking brick system only requires the bricks to be fitted into each other. The system is easily learnt so much so that a builder and in fact any person can become an expert in using the interlocking brick system in a short period of time. The construction work becomes less labour-intensive and with easier application, completion time of the construction is much faster. Your clients-the project owners and home owners are left with satisfaction guaranteed.

● Costs - saving on operations costs

The interlocking bricks system helps to save costs incurred from conventional construction methods such as plastering works, painting costs, costs of materials such as steel, metal rods, sand and cement, form-works for reinforced concrete beams and columns and workers’ wages. The doing away of conventional construction methods means a faster completion time and all this is translated into great savings on total project operation costs and a faster return on investments.

● Attractive Architectural Finishes

The interlocking brick system allows for an opportunity to construct and produce beautiful eye -catching finishes on buildings giving them an attractive appearance. The patterns that the interlocking bricks system gives to homes can often give owners, homes with a ‘Mediterranean’ or ‘English Countryside’ ‘feel’.

Comfortable interiors

Laterite, being the material most often used for interlocking bricks is less heat-intensive, and thus homes with the interlocking bricks system are able to maintain cooler home interiors of 25 degrees celsius whilst the temperatures outside maybe 29 celsius or higher.

Interlocking Bricks Systems

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