Paint Malaysia

We have been using paint to decorate our homes for as long as man has lived in shelters. From the time that cave dwellers used animal fats, soot and earth to decorate the walls of their caves until today, paint has undergone a long series of changes and improvements. While paint has seen changes in how it is made and its composition, its purpose of decoration and protection remains the same.

Trend In Paint

Today, there are a wide range of paint formulations designed for every imaginable application and requirement. Let’s  look at a few of the newer paints and how they are often used:

  • Eco friendly paint, or paints that don’t emit harmful gases or VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)are becoming a default standard for paints used inside the home. Water based paints, as well as those made from plant oils are typically low in VOC’s and are great options for those who are sensitive to chemicals or have breathing impairments.
  • Magnetic paints are a niche application that make a wall magnets will stick to. Magnetic paint are simply regular paints that have small metal particles mixed in to the emulsion. When the paint is applied to a wall the small metal bits are dispersed and will hold decorative magnets. When applying this type of paint, it is important to stir the paint vigorously, ensuring that the metal particles are distributed evenly across the wall. If you find that the surface doesn’t hold a magnet, this problem can often be solved with another coat of the paint.
  • Concrete paints are a popular option for garage floors and patios. They are a great way to add color as well as protection from spills, oil leaks, and stains on concrete floors. These paints are specially formulated for concrete applications and are typically water based. When applying concrete paint the most important step is proper preparation of the surface. If you are painting an older surface, be sure that you have followed the paint manufacturer’s recommendations for surface preparation. If you are painting a newly poured floor, give the floor at least 30 days to cure before painting.