Plaster Ceiling Cornice

Plaster Ceiling Cornice to Enhance the Beauty of a Room

With literally hundreds of cornice designs to choose from, the homeowner can transform a plain room into one with classical but understated ambiance with the addition of the right cornice design. In recent years, the cornice has been often overlooked in modern buildings but a cornice can have the impact of changing ordinary looking rooms into a space with its own character and style.

Integrating a Plaster Ceiling Cornice

As a finishing touch to any room renovation project, a plaster ceiling cornice is an elegant way to tie in the area between the wall and the ceiling. These decorative moldings are sometimes called cornicing or coving, but whatever name they are known as, the concept provides an excellent way to cover the joint or corner of the wall and ceiling.

Cornice Design Variations

Our selection of cornice designs is only limited by the imagination of our clients. We offer customized as well as standard cornice styles running from the understated to the intricately elegant. Cornices can also be integrated into the lighting strategy of a room, discreetly using troughs to direct the light towards the ceiling, creating an entirely different type of environment within the room itself.