Portland Cement

Portland cement is known to be the known type of cement in overall use in different parts of the world. This is used as a core material for concrete, mortar, stucco, and grout. It has a fine powder produced through the process of heating, forming a clinker, then grinding the clinker, and adding some small amount of foreign materials to the mixture. There are subtypes of Portland cement that are available in the markets and the most common of them is the ordinary Portland cement (OPC), The OPC is gray in color, which is slightly different with another kind of Portland cement, the white Portland cement (WPC).

This kind of cement is abrasive which causes chemical burns, that can possible cause irritation in the skin or if inhaled, can cause severe lung cancer due to its ingredients such as silica and chromium. There is a great concern in the environment with regards to the production of Portland cement due to its bad effects such air pollution and the release of greenhouse gases. (e.g., carbon dioxide, NOx, dioxin, SO2)

The large percentage of availability of its ingredients such as limestone and shale make this kind of cement cost cheaper than other kinds of cement used by different construction projects.

Portland cements are also designed to be versatile, such that they are expected to meet different construction applications and challenges. This kind of cement is proven and tested by virtue of the outline in ASTMC150 Standard Specifications for Portland cement. Portland cement can either be shipped in package or bulk.