Roof Shingles

Roof shingles have been used as a roof covering for hundreds of years. The origin of the word “shingle” is from the German term for roofing slate, schindel. The term shingle and tile are used interchangeably throughout the world with tile being the preferred term in Asia due to the predominance of clay tiles for roof coverings.

Perhaps the case can be made that the type of shingles used for the roof of a home is the single most dominant feature of a house. Visually, the style, colour, and texture of the shingles can often define the character of a home and affect its visual appeal.

Two Important Roof Shingle Considerations:

#1 – It is important to choose the right type of shingle for your environment and application. This is where a well-informed professional can be a valuable advisor. Certain shingles are designed for specific application and climates. You should consult an expert before making your choice.

#2 – A professionally done roof shingle installation will add years to the life of a roof. The number one cause of roof shingle failures is improper or poorly installed shingles. Make sure the installer if experienced and reputable.

Types of Roof Shingles

Plastic Roof Shingles

Similar look to slate shingles when installed but more economical. They are light in weight, durable and very inexpensive when compared to other types of roof shingles.

Slate or Stone Roof Shingles

More expensive than other types of roof shingles and require specialised skills to install correctly, but once properly installed, they can last for literally hundreds of years. Many of the ancient buildings in parts of Europe still have the original stone or slate roof shingles on them.

Metal Roof Shingles

Excellent option for those areas or buildings where there is need for excellent fire resistance. These roof shingles come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures that replicate the look of slate shingles, tile or even asphalt designs. They are often used with older buildings to preserve the look and feel of the era the building was constructed.

Asphalt Shingles

Using fiberglass as the primary component are most popular as they last a long time (up to 50 years), are relatively inexpensive, come in a wide range of colours and can be recycled.