Experienced building contractors know that when it comes to roofing, Malaysia presents one of the most challenging environments in the world. The design, composition, and installation of a roof can influence a building’s lifespan and comfort. A properly designed roof can also significantly impact the costs of maintaining and cooling the home. Let’s take a look at two elements that can affect the functionality of a Malaysian building’s roof
Heat – the #1 enemy of roofs in Malaysia. Because of its location within the tropics, Malaysia sees extremely high temperatures year around. While the roof is asked to shield the home from heat it is simultaneously being attacked by high levels of ultra-violet light from the very direct sunlight received close to the equator. Roofing materials used in home construction in Malaysia need to have high U-values to keep the heat out and the cooler, air conditioned air in. Your contractor needs to understand solar reflectance and the proper application of radiant barriers within the roofing scheme to provide optimum protection and comfort for the home and occupants.
Moisture  Next to heat, moisture, especially the moisture that results from condensation, is another problem of roofing Malaysia based builders have to contend with. During the evening hours, the lower temperatures and absence of solar energy attacking the roof will cause condensation to occur. If the roof is not designed to accommodate the water that results in this daily cycle the roof will suffer premature failure and start to leak. Contractors typically manage the moisture from condensation with ventilation spaces as well as vapour barriers. Water that results from rain is handled with run-off spouts and optimized roof pitch configurations.