Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Steel fibre reinforced concrete flooring can be built to meet the demanding requirements of structural floors. Modern warehouses are moving more and more to designs that incorporate the floor as the foundation for the superstructure, thereby increasing the load, stress and demands on the floor’s strength. Steel fibre reinforced concrete has enabled this type of building design to proliferate in almost all climates and seismic conditions throughout the world.

Other unique floor designs and applications are well suited for the use of steel fiber reinforced concrete. These options and constructions include:

Floors on pilings

Steel fiber reinforced concrete can be successfully used without mesh or other traditional reinforcement techniques on many applications as an unattached floor that is independent of the building. The use of steel fiber reinforced concrete can save time, money and construction costs in warehouses, factories, shopping malls and distribution centers.

Industrial raft floors

In building applications where a seismic floor is needed to function as a structural element of tie into columns and pad foundations, steel fiber reinforced concrete offer the perfect fiber only solution. Again, significant strength in the flooring can be achieved with a minimum or no additional mesh incorporated into the concrete.

Jointless Floors

If your warehouse is exposed to high traffic volumes or need extremely flat surfaces in a high bay environment, jointless or ultra-flat floors are desirable and possible when steel fiber reinforced concrete is the substrate. Steel fiber reinforced concrete offers the strength and crack control characteristics that enable construction of the floor without seams or saw-cutting.

Clad Rack Foundations

High tech warehouses and other clad rack applications that require strength and resistance to withstand huge downward pressures from rack loading as well as uplift forces due to wind and seismic activity can be designed and built more economically and efficiently with the use of steel fiber reinforced concrete.

Repairing existing concrete floors

A thin layer of steel fiber reinforced concrete placed over existing, but deteriorating concrete floors is often times a viable and cost effective method of renovation or maintenance. You can give your light trafficked warehouse or production building a facelift that will last for years without a major disruption for excavation and repairing of foundations.

In general, steel fiber reinforced concrete opens up an entire new chapter in floor construction for commercial applications. In many cases, steel fiber reinforced concrete can be poured without the additional cost and time required to integrate steel mesh or reinforcement into the construction design. Because of the unique design features of steel fiber, concrete floors can be built with load bearing capacities that exceed traditional parameters or can be combined with traditional reinforcement methods to create additional load bearing capacity for extreme applications such as harbors, airports and other areas where extremely large or heavy equipment is used.

We offers a complete range of steel fibers for concrete reinforcement on most types of industrial flooring. Our Engineers are available for consulting on your building project to provide low cost and effective floor reinforcement options.