Suspended Plaster Ceiling

Applications for Suspended Plaster Ceilings

Suspended plaster ceilings are a popular application for both homes and commercial buildings. They offer many advantages, especially when homeowners are planning a renovation project. Suspending a new ceiling over an existing one is often easier (and cheaper) that tearing the old one out and starting from ground zero.


Functional Advantages of Suspended Plaster Ceilings A suspended plaster ceiling offers several advantages over the alternatives:
  • Lower ceiling height where it is desired. Many older homes and commercial buildings are designed with high ceilings, creating a warehouse environment that may not be conducive to conversation or comfortable living. Installing a suspended plaster ceiling can quickly and economically solve the unappealing characteristics of a high ceilinged room or building.
  • Lighting and acoustics are easier to manage with a ceiling that is lower. It takes less energy to light a smaller volume of space and acoustical problems such as echoing are reduced with a lowered ceiling.
  • Getting plumbing , ducting, wiring out of sight is one of the most appealing advantages of a suspended plaster ceiling. Expensive rerouting of pipes and conduits can be avoided while maintaining ease of access to wiring and duct work.

Choose the Right Supplier for your Suspended Plaster Ceiling

There are literally thousands of vendors selling suspended plaster ceilings. Be sure you are choosing a reputable supplier that offers a quality product. Check for guarantees of the product and ask for testimonials before you purchase. We believe we offer a competitive, high quality product at a reasonable price and backed up with the highest level of customer support in the building materials business.