Teak belongs to the tropical hardwood species with small, white fragrant flowers and papery leaves and with the capability of growing to a height of 40 metres. Freshly milled teak wood gives off a leather-like smell. This timber is highly valued because of its workability.

Internal Structure of Teak

Teak Characteristics The strength of the hardwood is clearly visible from the density and "tightness" of its internal layers.

Advantages of Using Teak

Indoor Teak Furniture

Teak wood is highly demanded worldwide and among all the hardwood species, it is one of the most expensive. Traditionally teak products are much sought after because of its beauty and its durability. Furniture makers use this wood for its fine furniture and its antiques are highly prized. Picture frames and candleholders, carving wood for bowls spindles, knobs, handles, knickknacks, mementos and plaques are some of the products manufactured from this wood.

● Teak has a very high density and is an exceptionally strong hardwood. Among all natural lumber products, it is one of the most highly resistant to fungi, mildew, termite attacks and to decay. It does not get readily stained or spoiled and  is strongly resistant to moisture and water. Seasoned teak is stable and does not shrink or warp too much and with the added quality of being able to moderate heat both in hot or cold weather, it is highly valued by furniture manufacturers and others in similar businesses.

● All the properties stated have made teak an excellent structural timber for framing and planking. It is also widely used in making boat decks and because of its durability,  very little maintenance is required. It is also best for making cutting boards, countertops, as a veneer for indoor furnishing and for making outdoor furniture and is extremely suitable for building heavy and sturdy wooden furniture. This wood can also be creatively hand crafted into beautiful and artistic shapes and forms as decorative items for the home or the interior of buildings.

● Teak wood has a naturally high oil content which gives it the highest resistance to decay, resistance  to termites and other insects as well as resistance to fungal stains. The high oil content, its high tensile strength and light grain provides a natural resistance to weather damage. It is naturally very resilient and is able to withstand warping and cracking under fluctuating humidity conditions.

● Teak wood has grain patterns that are straight but contains patches of interlocked grain and is touted to be the finest and most exclusive of all the hardwoods. The wood when freshly sawn is golden-brown and as the wood ages, its colour deepens to a dark, reddish brown. With its aesthetically straight grain pattern and rich golden-brown colour, it is very appealing to the eye and is often used for custom-made cabinetry, indoor furniture and decorative products.

● Teak wood furniture is extremely durable and this property is one of its most significant advantages among the hardwoods. With proper care, teak products and furniture can last for many years, with some lasting for more than 100 years.

Applications of Teak

Wooden or decorative bathtubs

Teak Wood Bathtub


Wooden Boat Decks

Teak Boat Decks


Outdoor Furniture


The main disadvantage of this wood is its pricing. Teak products are very expensive because high demand for the wood and declining resources has affected its affordability.

Video below offers a quick look at the extremely durable semi-raw teak wood. Notice that it resembles blocks of concrete or stone showcasing its distinct hardness, even from just the looks of it!