Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass in Building Material Tempered glass is one of the 2 types of safety glass that is usually used in several applications, through which high standard crystal can pose danger. This type of crystal piece is 4 to 5 time’s tougher compared to standard one and it does not easily break when it falls to the ground. Also, it is being manufactured through extreme process, rapid cooling and heating, making it strong than the ordinary one.

Tempered Glass: Benefits

This kind of screen is one special kind of glass and it has best features that make it more suitable to be use in all kinds of application. Commonly, it is used in some public buildings and in cars, phone booths, bus terminals and in other areas at risk of accidental breakage or vandalism. Here are the following advantages of using this:

Heat resistant

Well, this stronger and heat resistant compared to other normal glasses. Since heat pressure is being applied during the process, the glass will not weaken or melt and even strong flame is directly applied. This is the reason why this is very ideal for buildings, fire engines and laboratory uses that need to build to form fire codes.


This screen is harder than common kinds of glass. The process that is used in making this crystal is the reason why it is very strong. It means that, it can be used for some applications that requires strong surface like in trains and car windshields.


Safety is one of the min advantages of using this glass. Using this kind of glass help reduces the risk of injury caused by jagged shards. It would be breaks into circular and small, because of the way the molecules bond. That means that larger shards of this glass will not fly or crack off through air when it I broken.

Tempered Glass-types

  • Laminated glass: This type remains complete when broken to the ground because of its film used between the panes. Mostly, this can be used for doors and windows.
  • Annealed glass: The word annealed usually refers on how the glass is cooled and heated. This type is ideal for windows.
  • Ceramic glass: This type shares both of the ceramic and glass properties. This is very ideal for some places that quickly change its temperature.

Tempered Glass and Its Application

For those people who are living in places that often experience excessive weather condition, the application of this glass is very ideal  and worth looking as it withstand wind loads and extreme structural. Well, this type of glass is the best kind, which surely meets your requirements for such weather conditions.

One of the best glasses is fully or clear tempered glass; it is the type of glass that is very ideal for home exterior because it is made six times stronger compared to other types of glass like annealed glass. Also, this is considered as safety glass because when it is breaks, it shatters into tiny molecules called as dicing. Typically, this is the type of glass that is best to be used for interior partitions, sliding doors as well as in building big establishment entrances where strong glass is needed.