Tempered Glass Door

Tempered Glass Door in Building Material

Many establishments are now switching to tempered glass door because of its sturdiness and safety features especially when it gets hit by a heavy object. Compared to standard glass, tempered glasses are usually up to five times stronger making them an ideal choice for entryways that are usually exposed to high traffic. And when the glass breaks, it usually falls into tiny pieces as opposed to breaking into sharp, jagged edges that often occur with standard glass.

Tempered Glass Door: Benefits

The beauty of installing tempered glass door in your office, home, or commercial establishment is that it provides you with numerous benefits such as being a good source of protection for your property as well as those who are inside the building. Tempered glass door can act as a protector by taking most of the impact caused by extreme weather conditions, accidents, or even when the damage is intentional. Compared to standard glass, tempered glass door can withstand heavy impact with minimal damage to the door.

Another benefit of installing tempered glass door is that it is aesthetically pleasing. Modern architecture designs make use of this type of glass to make the area more spacious to look at especially when the floor area is limited. Since the glass is clear, you will have an unobstructed view of your surroundings thus giving the impression that you have a spacious room to work in. Modern infrastructures tend to rely on this material to lend their interiors a more pleasing appearance.

Tempered Glass Door: Types

There are different types of tempered glass doors such as for entrances, cabinets, and shower rooms. For entrances, you can install a tempered glass door with electric magnet lock, center lock housings, and mortise locks for the bottom rail. You can also include transoms, stabilizing fins, and custom sidelights for your entrance door made from tempered glass.

Tempered Glass Doors: Application

Tempered glass door can be used indoors such as a screen that separates your patio from your living room. Another application of tempered glass at home is in the showers where there is a high chance of people slipping because of wet floors. With tempered glass doors in place, there will be minimal damage in case a person slips and hits the door.

If you are looking for a tempered glass door product that will fit perfectly with your needs, give us a call, and we’ll help you choose the best one for your home or establishment. We are more than happy to provide you with assistance in choosing the best type of tempered glass door based on your specific needs whether it is for your business entrance or the interior of your home.