Most homeowners will tell you that their home is the single biggest purchase of their life and their most valuable asset as well. Home builders will tell you that one of the biggest threats to your home is moisture, in the form of leaks or unmanaged condensation. We believe these two facts are ample justification for making sure your home is waterproofed correctly and offer the following 4 reasons why additional waterproofing makes sense for the average homeowner

Importance of Waterproofing

Especially in Malaysia weather


Waterproofing is good insurance. When most of us think of protecting our home against the damage caused by water, we think about water that occurs due to flooding or rainfall. Unfortunately, all too often, water that damages a home comes from the home itself. Old or corroded pipes that can leak or burst, condensation from an improperly installed or operating vent, and leaking drain pipes are often times the source of water that damages a home.

The best way to avoid water damage is to eliminate the source of the water and in the case of plumbing and ventilation, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Make sure your pipes, appliances, drains and ventilation are up to code and in good shape is an economical approach to minimizing water damage.


Waterproofing adds value to your home. When it comes time to sell your home you won’t want to be looking at large repair bills to restore parts of the home that have been damaged by moisture or water.

Rotten joices, wall studs, and floors can become expensive repairs that are needed just to bring your home up to the minimum required for the home buyer to secure a mortgage. Proper waterproofing combined with regular maintenance will eliminate unpleasant surprises for both you and the buyers.


Waterproofing protects your health. Unwanted water in a home can cause mildew, mold, fungus and other undesirable conditions. Wet areas will attract insects and create an unpleasant environment. All of these issues can affect the health of the inhabitants and cause allergies and other respiratory problems.

A dry house is a much healthier home than one that is dank, smelly and harboring bugs and bacteria that are attracted to moisture. Waterproofing ensures that your home is not only comfortable, but safe as well.

Cost Effective

Waterproofing is cost effective. Recent advances in materials and technology have enabled the building and construction industry to offer a waterproof building envelope that is relatively cheap, long lasting, and will leave the homeowner with a building that is environmentally under control.

Recent inventions such as hypalon, PVC, and various types of liquid roofing sealants offer the home owner a wide range of materials that will ensure a safe and dry home for years to come.