Photochromic Film

Can it Do More Than What it Offers? Let’s find out

There is nothing more satisfying than having a Pinterest-esque home or office with the perfect lighting for spontaneous Insta-worthy photography sessions. Now that you have finally landed your dream property and everything is completed just the way you envisioned it, what is next on the list? We highly suggest that you start thinking about window tint films, photochromic ones to be exact.


Photochromic Film Window Tinting

"If you are a fan of big or small windows but not very keen of stuffy curtains, then tinting your windows is a possible solution"


Often taken for granted, we do not realise how essential windows are – they are there for us to enjoy fresh air, constantly protected from the heat or other harsh weather conditions, and it keeps other harmful situations at bay (we hate to bring it up but think robbery, air pollution and more!)

If you are a fan of big or small windows but not very keen of stuffy curtains, then tinting your windows is a possible solution. Photochromic window films come with a set of features that can benefit your home or office. Allow us to break it down for you.


Photochromic Film Window Tinting 2

Asia Aviation Centre of Excellence is one of the happy user of Camo Photochromic Film

"Now the office area is more comfortable and less glaring to work in. Our air conditioner feels cooler too" - Asia Aviation Centre of Excellence

High Performance

Photochromic window films are an affordable yet practical way to keep you and the people around you protected from UV rays.

Does Not Fade Easily

It is made from solid colours that are stable and does not fade easily.

Clear Vision Despite Tint Shade

Photochromic window films will automatically be darker under bright sunlight but regardless, you can still enjoy a clear vision of the outdoors, day and night.

Reduced Heat at a Pleasant Temperature

It keeps your home or office cool by providing maximum heat rejection. This is truly ideal for our Malaysian climate.

Innovative Option

Photochromic window films are meant to react to the intensity of sunlight.

Environmental Friendly

Did you know that tinted windows help save energy? With its heat comfortable reduction trait, you will require lesser air conditioning power to keep and less glaring your room cool. Yeas!

Keeps you Protected

The risk of you getting injured by shattering or cracking of glasses is lowered too.


You will be surprised to know that there is plenty of convincing reasons that will make you want to get photochromic window films right this instant and why doing it will be the best choice you will ever make? Here are just some of the main highlights to take note of ;


Crystal Clear View

With the existence of photochromic window films, you automatically have the freedom to control the amount of tint that you want installed to your window. This way, you can get the right amount of sunlight while enjoying the view of your surroundings at the same time.


Photochromic Film Window Tinting 3


Shields You from Harmful UV Rays

Yes, curtains add character to an interior design but will it fully protect you from UV rays? Not really. Curtains do not provide an ‘in between’ – you either draw them and get no sunlight shining through or you pull it open and get excessive sunlight coming in. However, when you use photochromic window films, you can get more than 90 percent of UV rays blocked out. Not only are you protecting your health but you are also preventing your furniture from fading as well.


Photochromic Film Window Tinting 4


No Cleaning Necessary

Fitting in photochromic window films will make cleaning effortless. Just wipe or dust your windows and you are done! If you install curtains, on the other hand, dry cleaning it on your own will take a lot of effort and might cost a lot.


Your Property will Have Better Re-Sale Value

Tinted windows can add value to your property because it is considered as an investment itself. When you put your property up for sale, trust us when we say that the buyer will appreciate the fact that the windows have been tinted because it means that they do not need to go through the installation process again.


Photochromic Film Window Tinting 5

Another happy user of Camo photochromic film


Now that you have read about the features of photochromic window films, are you planning to get your windows tinted? If you are, great! We are so glad to have done our part. Check out these factors to consider when choosing the best photochromic window film for your property.

Your Overall Aim

Photochromic window films come in different shades that suit each individual’s preference. So, before you decide on tinting all the windows in your home or office, consider the type of mood that you are after. If you prefer a brighter room, you could get a lighter tint and install curtains or blinds to block out extra sunlight at any time. If you prefer a slightly dimmer room, you can always opt for a darker shade.

Think About the Levels of Privacy that You Desire to Have

Privacy plays a crucial part because there is nothing creepier then outsiders observing your every move. So, consider going for a more neighbourhood-friendly shade that protects you from curious neighbours without having to block out too much sunlight. Here is a bonus tip – choose a proper placement for the window tint so that you can achieve the privacy you want and still get to see what is outside.

Choose a Brand that Does Not Fade Easily

Certain photochromic window films are capable of fading. Fading is commonly caused by UV rays so choose a good quality window film to make sure that you get the right UV protection for yourself and your furniture. The higher the percentage of the blocked UV, the less likely you are to experience fading. It is that straightforward.


Photochromic Film Window Tinting 6


Look for Something Budget-friendly yet Durable

There is no point in exceeding your home improvement budget when the end result of the purchase is not effective. When you install photochromic window films for your home or office, it is vital to make sure that the tint you choose is of utmost quality, able to cover your windows properly, and more importantly will not hurt your pocket.


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