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Polygons in Architecture

Polygons are interesting elements. They have been contributing to human architecture since the days of the great pyramids. Until today, they still form the heart of modern architecture and design.

For centuries, most if not all modern city structures and buildings are made rectangle or squarish, as these shapes or basic polygons provide the most stable foundations.

However, as material science and building technology rapidly improved, we start to see more polygons of varying shapes, started being utilised in modern construction and architecture. This opens endless new possibilities in the realm of design.

Besides being naturally aesthetically pleasing, polygonal shaped materials could also manipulate light in creative ways to augment the interiors or exteriors of any given structure. One of such can be seen in our featured design below.

The ceiling of this structure utilise polygons to deflect and control the flow of light, resulting in beautiful beams flowing in. These beams then softly lights up the polygonal walls in different shades too, further adding to the beauty of the entire space.

Finally to highlight or showcase the contrast, the designer has intelligently used grey paint ,wallpapers or materials that has a natural grey hue on it for the interiors. Keeping it simple and neutral, this wraps up the whole design theme.


Building Materials Malaysia - Polygon Architecture