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Taiwan Pleated Screen Manufacturer Breaks New Grounds through Honesty, Innovation, Service and Sustainability

Sustainability is no longer just a trend, but today’s reality, and permeates many aspects of our lives. The focus on sustainability has long been a key driving force for many Taiwanese companies, and this has propelled many manufacturers and service providers to become global leaders in eco-friendly innovations.

In Taiwan, innovation is about improving everyday life. And this message will be carried out by the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion at this coming IGEM 2022 (the Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia) from the 12th to 14th of October at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).

The Taiwan Excellence is the name that carries the honour of Taiwan’s premium products, it is the symbol of recognising outstanding and innovative products from Taiwan. Every year, the best products are shortlisted for the Taiwan Excellence award, passing a stringent quality assurance process to get the seal of excellence. So, whenever you buy a product with the Taiwan Excellence mark, you know you are getting the best quality!

Taroko Door & Window Technologies Inc. is one of the featured exhibitors in this year’s Taiwan Excellence Pavilion at IGEM 2022 and an example of the high-quality exhibitors showcasing their products. The company’s HISS brand specialises in flyscreen windows and doors, and its products are very well received in both domestic and international markets

Embracing Natural Ventilation without the Bugs

The HISS brand is based on the company’s philosophy of Honesty, Innovation, Service and Sustainability, and highlights their commitment to its customers. The company’s vision is to create superior products through innovative technology, functional design, and high-quality manufacturing.

With more than 30 years of experience, HISS has won the trust of countless customers in many countries. HISS products are used extensively in luxury building projects in Taiwan with over 80% of luxury projects in Taiwan choosing the company’s screen windows and doors. HISS is also the market leader in New Zealand and Australia with more than 40% of the market share.

The innovative modular pleated screen featured in this year’s IGEM exhibition can be easily scaled up or down to suit different home configurations and its robust construction ensures years of smooth operation. The different components of the screen can be matched in a wide variety of ways to easily become part of the interior design or be made to blend discreetly into the background.

Unlike many systems on the market that use exposed tracks, the HISS system integrates seamlessly into the door and window frames for a premium aesthetic. The company’s innovative low bottom track system blends into the flooring for a flushed modern look.

The high-flow screen optimises air circulation while keeping bugs and mosquitoes out of the house. It is especially useful for the tropical South-East Asian market and improves interior ventilation to reduce the usage of air-conditioners, saving both money and the environment at the same time.

Other than the bugs, the air quality in urban areas also leaves much to be desired and many urban dwellers choose to keep their windows closed throughout the day. Sick building syndrome is a collective term for a myriad of physical symptoms that arise due to poor indoor air quality. Allowing for natural ventilation is one of the quickest ways to improve air quality and reduces many common ailments such as allergies and lethargy, but merely opening the windows and doors is often not an option for urban dwellers due to bugs and air pollution. Users can opt to install the optional anti-smog mesh that has been designed to filter out dust and smog to keep the indoor air fresh and clean.


This barrier free pleated screen is featured with its only 4.5mm low bottom track.


This 90-degree barrier free pleated screen can satisfy diversified house design, and even both of mesh or shade can be chosen as flyscreen, sunshade or as partition.


The Taiwan Excellence Advantage

Taiwanese companies are renowned for their relentless pursuit of product innovation and have made the island a manufacturing powerhouse across a wide range of industries from information technology and precision manufacturing to household items and food products.

One of Taiwan’s greatest strengths lies in the seamless collaboration between the public and private sectors working together to solve issues and improve the market competitiveness. The people of Taiwan have the freedom and autonomy to innovate and resolve problems while the authorities work to supplement and support the efforts. Underneath all the innovation lies a relentless insistence on quality production that the global market has come to trust.

Taiwan is synonymous with high-quality production and products bearing the prestigious Taiwan Excellence stamp of approval are highly sought after. The active promotion of the Taiwan Excellence brand has also increased consumer awareness and trust for products bearing the mark.

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