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Vertical planting
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RM 20.00
Product Description
Vertical planting
PRICE : RM20/m2
• Custom-designed solutions
• Easily install
• High quality materials
• Unique and removable
• Modular and versatile
• Light weight and quick to install
• Soil-based, long-lasting and sustainable gardens
Why do you need a vertical planting in your space?
• Temperature - reduced ambient air temperature and load on air conditioning
• Surface Area - increased available planting area, such as on fences and walls
• Air Quality - absorbs dust, particulates and pollution, naturally filtering the air
• Beautification - aesthetically pleasing views and microclimate near garden
• Biodiversity - increased biodiversity values and micro habitat creation
• Ideal for a wide range of plants including annuals, perennials, exotic sub-tropicals, herbs, vegetables and other edibles

1. Connect the space
2. Every 3nos space, place a node (for steel
bar line and piping line for irrigation)
3. Place 17mm polypipe in between node,
for free standing structure, add 16mm
iron bar
4. Place planting pocket