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Wanna 333 (Acrylic Sealant)
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Product Description
Wanna 333 is a one part acrylic sealant (Gap Filler) that cures to a flexible yet tough film with good adhesion to porous surfaces. It is also an environmental friendly sealant that can be easily cleaned up with water.


 Flexible, good weather resistance and UV stability.
 One part system
 Easily clean up with water with professional look
 Can be painted over with both water and oil based paints
 Excellent gun ability
 Good adhesion to wood, concrete, glass, metal, plasterboard, Aluminium, paint and marble without primer.


Wanna 333 will tack free in approximately 10 minutes and cure about 7-14 days with 10mm depth.

 Application temperature 5°C to 50°C
 Surface to be applied must be clean and dry.
 Cut cartridge nozzle to desired size.
 Insert cartridge into Caulking Gun
 Push sealant ahead for uniform bead
 Tool within 5 minutes
 Clean off excess sealant with water