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Wanna Techbond WPP 3 (Acrylic Based White Primer)
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Product Description
Wanna Techbond WPP 3 is water proofing acrylic based white primer. Due to its high cross linked and recovery properties, it impart a constant low water absorption over long period time and has excellent adhesion to multi substrates (masonry, concrete, metal and wood). It able to withstand negative pressure, excellent crack bridging property and resistance to chemicals(acid, basic and chloride). Wanna Techbond WPP 3 is ideal for exterior and interior wall water proofing application to protect building from water seepage as wee as from weather.

APPLICATON METHOD Remarks: Handle with care. Stir well before use

Application method: By brush , roller , airless spray

Recommended film thickness per coat: Dry film thickness : 50-75 microns (μm) Wet film thickness : 71 - 107 microns (μm) Film thickness will vary and is calculated as average.

Spreading rate : Spreading rate depends on film thickness applied, type of texture, surface porosity, imperfections, temperature,wastage during painting etc.

Dilution The paint is ready to use after proper stirring. If thinning is required, water may be added up to a maximum of 5%.