Wanna WFL 12005
Supplier Techbond Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Address Unnamed Road, 41200, Selangor, Malaysia Malaysia
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Product Description
Wanna WFL 12005 is a water base adhesive suitable for wood flooring lamination. It is a high viscosity product suitable for lamination of parquet onto the following sub floor, e.g. cement floor or plywood. It is easy to trowel with excellent trowel-ridge holdout for proper adhesive bonding

 Surface to be glued should be free of dust, grease, oil, paint and etc.
 Concrete surface must be free of excessive moisture and alkalinity Application:
 Apply adhesive with the recommended notched trowel held at a 60° angle
 Do not spread more adhesive than can be covered in 20 minutes.(Note: Glue open time might vary in different glue thickness applied and surrounding temperature/ humidity)
 Pick up the flooring periodically to check for 100% adhesive transfer.

 Store in a cool, dry place and avoiding direct sunlight.
 Keep the container tightly and protect from frost.
 Wash the tools with water before the glue dry.
 Operators should put on gloves during work.
 Be sure to wash thoroughly with water when the bond sticks to skin or clothes.
 Stir well before use.