Magnetic Paint

Magnetic Paint is a recent development that creates a wall that has magnetic properties.  In most ways, magnetic paint is just like other types of paint except that it is infused with micro-particles of metal that provides the attractive surface for magnets of all kinds, shapes and sizes.

Magnetic paint has a myriad of applications and uses, but it is most often used in schools, offices, and children's rooms. Using magnets affixed directly to the wall eliminates the unsightly nail marks that are the result of hanging magnetic boards. the walls can be cleaned and repainted just like any other wall without losing their magnetic characteristics.

Magnetic paint can be applied to any type of surface that one would normally paint. One word of caution though - the magnetic strength of a wall that is textured is not going to be as strong as a flat wall. that said, if you find that your wall is not strong enough, magnetically, another coat of paint will usually solve that problem. When finished, the wall will have a texture as a result of the magnetic particles in the paint.
When buying magnetic paint, shop for the right paint just like you would for any other application. Choose a high quality paint that is the right type and colour for the project. The key thing to remember when applying magnetic paint is that you will need to stir it vigorously right before you use it. This is to ensure that the metal particles are suspended equally throughout the paint. if you don't get the particles suspended and mixed thoroughly, there will be areas on the wall that are less magnetic than others.
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